Shawn Demint

I worked for the village of Ashville for seven years. I choose to run for mayor to help bring the village to its fullest potential through hard work and dedication. I am running as a working mayor and my administration will be a hands on administration. I am familiar with the inner workings and day to day operations of the village. I see redundancies and inefficiencies that needs addressed. I believe the village is overstaffed and pays too much in payroll while underpaying many of them, I believe in quality over quantity. I will freeze hiring until this is correctly adjusted.  All full time employees will have mandated training regarding their department and all future hires will be well qualified for their position. 

 I am running to cut the budget and re-appropriate funds accordingly by prioritizing infrastructure without compromising elsewhere.  I am your only choice for change and continuity, vote Shawn Demint!

The Platform


Collaborating with our departments and

surrounding municipalities and political sub divisions will help save time and money.

 Consolidating job positions and department resources will save time and money. 


Upon an employees leave or retirement, I will freeze hiring to reduce the payroll, saving a minimum of $100,000 per year (equivalent of 2 FT employees). These funds will be dedicated to a newly established infrastructure plan. That money will be matched with a minimum $150,000* per year in infrastructure funding giving a total of $250,000 per year and one million dollars in funding over the four year term,  plus the addition of grant revenue. 

* (per gasoline tax, license plate revenues, current budget appropriations and growth) 


  • conserve the budget
  • conserve the peace 
  • conserve our energy 
  • our environment
  • our heritage
  • our farmland


Our crumbling infrastructure needs rebuilt from the ground up in most areas of town. Our water system is outdated (over 80 years old), our sewer and storm lines are outdated and running into each other, (this is called I and I (inflow and infiltration), the village has had an e.p.a. mandate to fix I & I for several years and have failed to do so.   We have sewage disposing into our creek that provides our drinking water, and storm water getting sent to the sewer plant to get treated unnecessarily. Ashville utility spent 13 million dollars on a new sewer plant because of this.  The underlined issues still needs resolved! the system is still overwhelmed.

Our streets are hazardous to drive or walk on in many areas, Projects look incomplete and unacceptable, I promise that infrastructure rules under my administration and I will make our infrastructure priority!  Streetscapes and landscapes, an Ashville beautification plan will partner with our infrastructure plan.

Parks and Rec

Ashville has 40 + acres of undeveloped potential park land that we are maintaining. These areas will be developed into parks and recreational opportunities.


 I have organized and hosted Ashville's Fun in the sun program for several years, under my administration that program will expand and many others put in place through donors.

By applying for state park grants Ashville can receive 80% reimbursement on park expenditures.  The current administration has failed to get any state park grant for over 15 years, that will change!

Through the above process of collaboration I believe that by working with surrounding municipalities and sub divisions along with non-profits and private donations I see potential avenues for major progress with our parks and rec system including a swimming pool and rec center.


My administration will utilize the strengths of our police department to its fullest potential.  We will continue to work with area agencies to provide the most efficient and fastest response times possible.  

We will train and educate all departments on safety measures to protect the public, we will have contingency plans, funds, and resources put in place for all types of disaster scenarios and events.

We will  acknowledge that safety extends to our infrastructure, lighting, walk ways, bike ways, rail roads and blighted properties, these areas will be improved!

We will be pro active on safety and establish a neighborhood block watch to voice your safety concerns and opinions. 

I will prosecute hard drugs, violence, and thieves to the fullest extent of the law!


 Under my administration we will aggressively seek and apply for any available grant funding for our village to help save and maximize your tax dollars,

In turn I will offer a variety of local grants to residents, non profits and small businesses as well as senior discounts on utility services.

Blue Collar Administration

I am running as a working mayor.  I will continue most of my past job functions to save the taxpayers money for infrastructure.

With a D.I.Y. attitude I will make sweat equity the backbone of this administration, no administrative official will go without getting our hands dirty while I'm in office.

Small Business

I will do all I can to help small business in Ashville by providing tax breaks, incentives, grants, infrastructure and public parking.

I will help re establish the small business administration as well as revitalize the old down town area.


I studied in technical preparation and business technology and will bring that mindset to the administration, technology can help with efficiency and production.

I designed and manage this website.

I will bring the village up to speed on technological advances and how they can help us excel and save time and money.

Non-Partisan Small Government

Ashville has non partisan elections and I would like to keep it that way.  Partisan politics shall not divide us, I will represent all people equally. 

I believe in small government and I will work to soften non sense building regulations and expensive fees,  I will grow the village in a sustainable growth in which our infrastructure is not compromised.


The constitution is the law of the land and I will protect it and obey it with honor. 

Our first amendment right to free speech and our second amendment right to bear arms I promise to protect, along

 with every other right including our rights of privacy and our religious rights and freedoms. 

I will fight with you to uphold our constitution. 

The Candidate

Your candidate to the left with 2018 Student summer help program employees at fun in the sun.

Serving The Community

I have been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly for the village to make it a better place also volunteering for youth organizations and local non profits.

*no persons in this photo or other photos reflect an endorsement or affiliation with my candidacy


United By A Common Goal

I know the value of being connected. I hear your concerns and I want to fix them that's why I am running for this position. Help me help you.


Get Involved

I can't win this race without your help. First register to vote if you are not registered (here is a link) or go to the local library. Next ask for a sign for support and spread the  word, Last and most important VOTE!

About Me

Technical schooling

Graduated from Teays Valley, studied in technical preparation with a vocational certificate in business technology and accounting.


I worked for Ashville for 7 years for the service and utility departments, also taking care of the park.  I chose to step down from this position that I loved to help bring Ashville to its fullest potential.  

 Before I worked for Ashville I worked several years in skilled trades  including; finish carpentry, cabinetry, flooring, drywall, painting, exterior siding.  I will bring these skills along with the mindset that time is money to the administration.  I currently do contract work and work restaurant service in the evening.  


I spearheaded the creation of the Ashville foundation a 501 C-3 non profit through the Pickaway County Community Foundation to help raise local funds for parks and recreation opportunities for Ashville

I have proposed for the application of and assisted on several local park grants to help bring outside money into the park saving our taxpayers thousands of dollars.

I have organized and hosted our summer Fun in the sun event for children at the park for the last 4 years and assisted the prior 3 years.

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